The Pack A.D. Plays Surprise Show

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Students Wrap First Week of School with Bang

Vancouver rock duo The Pack A.D. gave a surprise concert to School of the Arts students at Selkirk College’s Shambhala Music & Performance Hall Friday afternoon before going on to host a workshop for learners in the Music & Technology Program.

“This concert got me excited – both for the music and because we got to see a performance in the room we will be playing in as we learn,” says first-year student Ellyse Aasen, a guitar and songwriting major who came to Selkirk College from Vancouver.

“The Pack A.D. is a really solid band. Their performance was great and I enjoyed the workshop too. It gave us an inside perspective on what it’s like to be a successful band.”

Singer guitarist Becky Black and drummer Maya Miller are the two-piece rock band The Pack A.D, recently in the West Kootenay playing The Flying Steamshovel during Rossland’s Golden City Days. Formed in 2006, The Pack A.D.’s early sound was raw and Miller told students that for them, music school was 10 years of touring “scrapping it out punk style.” The Pack A.D.’s garage rock style has evolved with lyrics still grounded in witty human exploration.

Says Black, “Back in the beginning, one reviewer described us as shrugging ourselves into existence. There are many different ways to get somewhere. They’re all good.”

Black and Miller spent valuable time talking industry with students enthusiastically embarking on their own journey. They answered questions about everything from how they worked with different labels to how their songs appeared in Letter Kenny, Shameless (US) and Riverdale to how Black fills out her guitar sound with a custom pedal board.

The Music & Technology Program in Nelson offers a two-year diploma including popular music concepts and training for the commercial and entertainment music industries. Bringing in working musicians to get hands-on with students has been a cornerstone of the Selkirk College program started 30 years ago.

The list of impressive talent that has shared their experience and expertise with students over the years includes Hugh Fraser, CoCo Love Alcorn and alumna Kiesza.

“It’s exciting to bring in talent that can both inspire students to strive toward their goals and put on an incredible show. This afternoon with The Pack A.D. has been amazing fun,” says School of the Arts Chair Daryl Jolly.

The Pack A.D.’s seventh album Dollhouse came out in 2017.

Selkirk College’s School of the Arts includes Music & Technology, Digital Arts, Web Development and Craft Programs offered at Tenth Street and Victoria Street Campuses in Nelson. Offered are diploma programs with University transfer options as well as 10-month certificate programs.