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Bring your vision to the School of the Arts Digital Arts Program where you will explore and define your artistic and technical potential.

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  • The instructors helped me discover and hone my skills and gave me the confidence needed to develop a freelancing career once graduated.

    Bree Prosser

    Digital Arts, 2015Freelance Graphic Designer at November Wild
  • The best part about studying at Selkirk College was the freedom to self-direct projects, and the pressure to solve my own problems.

    Jonah Janko

    Digital Arts, 2014Animation Supervisor at Yeti Farm Creative
  • The program offered great ideas, opportunities to try all different fields of the industry and fine tune the programs I was strongest in.

    Marty Clemens

    Digital Arts, 2015Videographer and Photographer
  • I run a small company which designs interactive UI’s and motion graphics for TV and feature film, and I learned most of the software that I use today from Selkirk College.

    Seth Molson

    Digital Arts, 2007Freelance Motion Graphics
  • I had never worked in animation before going to Selkirk College but I knew it was something I was very interested in. The Digital Arts Program helped me understand how animation works down to a science.

    Mitchell Bartle

    Digital Arts, 20192D Animator at Yeti Farm Creative
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Charla Beaulieu

Program Coordinator, Instructor

Charla is a true local – born and raised in Ymir, BC.

She received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of British Columbia (UBC), where she later worked as a research scientist for five years. In 1996, she received her Bachelor of Education degree, also from UBC, through the West Kootenay Teacher Education Program.

Charla has been teaching web development, digital arts and computer programming since 1997 and joined the School of the Arts Digital Arts faculty in 2004. During her teaching career, she has developed over 20 online and blended delivery courses both at the high school and college levels. Since the mid 90s, she worked as a contract web designer and has done many volunteer web development projects for non-profit organizations.

Amy Bohigian


“Find your own unique creative voice and the rest will follow.”

Amy grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and lived in central New York, San Francisco, Boston and Toronto before moving to Nelson in 2006.

Many mentors helped Amy to where she is today as she studied at Colgate University to earn a degree in English and education. She achieved her master’s degree from Harvard Graduate School of Education and her Advanced Diploma for Independent Digital Film Program from Selkirk College.

Amy’s full service video production company Watershed Productions Inc. allows her to ground her classes in current professional practices. She was Nelson’s Cultural Ambassador in 2014 and has won numerous film festivals awards. Since 2007, she’s partnered with Selkirk College to run summer film camp with hundreds of children learning filmmaking.

Amy is always eager to find new avenues of filmmaking to pursue and absolutely loves Kootenay life.

“You can have your cake and eat it too.”

Kevin Corbett

Faculty Assistant

Kevin Corbett

Faculty Assistant

Geoff Gibbs

Faculty Assistant

Geoff Gibbs

Faculty Assistant

Jeremy Kenning


Jeremy Kenning


Marian Lowe


Born and raised on a sheep and cattle farm in rural Australia, Marian was drawn to the Kootenays over ten years ago by a love of mountains and nature. In the decade before putting down roots in Canada, she travelled the world extensively, favouring an unplanned approach with an open ticket. In between, she studied visual communications at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, where she gained an appreciation for typography and design.

Since then, Marian has accumulated over 15 years of industry experience designing strategically for both print and web. Early in her career Marian worked in editorial design with De Luxe & Associates, working on projects such as the redesign of the South China Morning Post and Asia Money magazine. From 2011-2017 Marian was responsible for clarifying, developing and implementing Selkirk College design brand standards. A multidisciplinary approach continues to be applied in Marian’s design practice where understanding content, people and context is key in developing relevant and inspiring visual communications.

Marian’s passion and skill in typography and information design has been shared in her teaching career beginning at the University of Technology Sydney Australia where Marian tutored foundational typography and magazine design in studio classes. Marian continues teaching typography and graphic design communications at School of the Arts in the Digital Arts Program in Nelson.

Nichola Lytle


Nichola Lytle


Kerry Pagdin


Kerry Pagdin


Melody Diachun

School Chair
“My approach to teaching promotes transparent technique, musicianship, and freedom of expression.” – Melody Diachun

I believe that singers who are confidant, well-rounded musicians are best able to function, communicate and flourish. I also believe that songwriting is a craft to be learned, and inspiration is most likely to spark when songwriters are encouraged to be themselves.

I am a vocalist, songwriter, educator, recording artist, and JUNO nominee. In 2009 I was nominated for ‘Female Vocalist of the Year’ at Canada’s National Jazz Awards. I have released three critically-acclaimed albums, and appeared on award winning recordings of other artists. I am a favourite on CBC Radio and have made television appearances on BRAVO, COOL TV, Joy TV and The BET Network.

My love of music has provided me with a deeply satisfying career, one which continues to inspire and challenge me. I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm with fellow music lovers, and believe this enthusiasm, combined with my education, open mind, and professional experience, make me a valuable asset to the music program at Selkirk College.

My own career has been greatly enhanced by a solid music education. An early interest in singing and writing songs lead to piano lessons and later to an involvement with the school band program. By age fifteen I was doing professional singing “gigs.” I am a graduate of McGill University’s Jazz Performance program “with distinction” in Jazz Vocal Performance. In the mid-90s I was awarded a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts to study with Sheila Jordan in New York City.

My learning has continued on the West Coast with an invaluable, fifteen-year-long education on the bandstand, in the recording studio, and in the practice room. I enjoyed a successful singing career in Vancouver for twelve years, then joined the faculty of the music program at Selkirk College in the fall of 2012.

In 2018, I released my EP Get Back to the Groove which reflects my love of funk while letting my soulful voice shine.

Instructor: Voice, Ensembles, Songwriting, Business of Music

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Arts

Can I attend the program part time?

Preference is given to full time students if there is space available part-time applicants may be considered. Part-time applicants must meet the same entry requirements as full time students and are only accepted if space is available after all full-time students are scheduled and with permission of the School Chair.

Can I start the program in January?

The Digital Arts Program has one intake in September.

Does my portfolio have to be submitted at the same time as my application?

The first step is to complete and submit an application and pay the application fee. Once the application is has been received you will be sent a letter from the Enrolment Officer. This letter will provide you with all the steps in the application process, including a four digit code and link which is required to upload your portfolio.

What is the application process like?

The application process involves meeting admission requirements, applying online and then submitting a questionnaire and portfolio. Find complete instruction here…

What software applications will I use?

You will become proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Animate, InDesign etc).

I want to buy a new computer. What should I buy?

We recommend that you wait to buy a computer until you start the program. All of the information you need to make an informed decision on a computer purchase will be discussed during the first week of classes.

Do I need to be a computer expert?

You do not need to be an expert, but you do need intermediate skills in file management, word processing, researching online and keyboarding. Experience in any of the Adobe Creative Cloud software applications would definitely be a great asset.

What if I don’t have any computer skills?

If you have limited computer skills, taking some introductory courses prior to applying for the program is highly recommended. Our two year program is fun, but intense, and having confidence with the basics will prevent you from falling behind or getting lost.

Do I need to know Photoshop before I apply for the program?

Photoshop is an incredibly complex program with a lot of capability. Because it is the industry standard for image editing, (but is not very beginner friendly,) we offer an “Introduction to Adobe Photoshop” course that will help you learn basic, through intermediate tools. Knowing Photoshop before starting the Digital Arts program is not required, but it is highly recommended that you explore the software a bit to familiarize yourself with some of the tools, so that it doesn’t feel as intimidating in September.

Do I have to have a computer at home with all of the software on it that we will be using?

Having a computer at home with Adobe Creative Cloud would definitely be helpful, but it is not necessary. The computer labs are open most evenings and weekends for student use.

Can I arrange my classes around a part-time job?

There is only one offering of each class during the semester, so the Digital Arts timetable is set, and cannot be adjusted. While it is possible to have a part-time job while attending the program, it will require excellent time management skills. The program is very fast paced and requires many out of class hours to complete assignments and keep up with the material covered.

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